Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nu:tone 'Shine In' Review

Since Nu:tone’s signing to Hospital Records in 2005, his perfect balance of d&b and liquid funk has been bringing a refreshing level to the scene. His new, massively anticipated third album, Words & Pictures, close on the horizon for release in late February, contains numerous collaborations, including Logistics, Natalie Williams and Ben Westbeech.

‘Shine In’ has been receiving incredible feedback after being debuted at the D&B Arena awards, and is definitely up there alongside what is arguably Nu:tone’s biggest remix, ‘Wildlife’. Having teamed up previously with Natalie Williams to produce the dance-floor smasher ‘System’, it was no surprise that the end result would be a beautifully uplifting track, undoubtedly designed to destroy crowds with its elevating intervals and cascading beats. Williams’ jazzy “let the light shine in” line cuts through the upbeat sequence, in a warm, catchy, dynamic manner that you just can’t help singing for the rest of the day.

At first glance, ‘Bleeper’, featuring Logistics, is a pleasantly chilled flip-side to the single. Gorgeous computer-like synth scales tear up the start before it drops into a relaxed liquid anthem. Yet about halfway through the track, he cuts off the beat, leaving an addictive sequence and introduces a little sample (which sounds similar to a horror film voice over, and talks of letting go of doubts) before dropping it back into the mesmerizing liquid.

Nu:tone, in a nutshell, is as refreshing as a perfectly cold pint after a week lost in the desert. His new production is on top form, and definitely some of best I’ve heard from him to date.



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