Friday, 27 May 2011

Back in the Game!

So I've finally finished uni. And what a fab time I had there! However, now I'm ready to keep those close friends, move back to London properly and jump into the 'real world' everyone's been telling me about with a splash.

I've updated my events and portfolio sections, and am back in London for the next few days before returning back up 'north' to party and say goodbye to that chapter of my life. Then I'll be doing a bit of jetting about before settling back down in L-town in the next few weeks.

Have been doing a bit of work for KMag and Data Transmission and have a lot of things in the pipelines for the next few weeks ; )
But until then, here are some things that kept me alive during the dreadful 24hr sessions in the library and things that I have been looks oh-SO-forward to going to:

I've been getting excited about Krakota's new video for 'Be Myself' ahead of the Ingredients Album Launch at Club 1001 in Brick lane.

I'll be hitting the launch for my first return to 1001 since I was 17! Back in THOSE days, that was one of the only clubs that accepted my poor excuse of a fake ID, but it did bring some brilliant times!
Especially looking forward to DJ Trex who I interviewed for his guest mix for KMag (you can check it out HERE).

Also, some new stuff out on NeoSignal, which includes some Phace and Misanthrop pieces that have been ALL OVER the raves recently. I'm particularly feeling 'Y' by Misanthrop which you can listen to below:

Misanthrop - Y - NSGNL008 by n╬×osignal™

Here's a track by Oxide and Tania Foster called 'The One', which I have a feeling will end up being a pretty big dance floor hit. Maybe for the more 'commercial raves', but nevertheless, pretty damn good!

So tonight to celebrate the end of exams, I will be hitting up:

I can't actually wait!

Until next time,


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